The Official Representative Body for Professional Kinesiologists in Ireland

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The Kinesiology Association of Ireland aspires to the highest international standards of education and training in Kinesiology.   The KAI does not provide training itself, but has established a minimum level of education and training required to become a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner.  EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP

Students may build up their required hours either through completing a KAI certified Diploma in Kinesiology, or by building up the training requirements on a modular basis, in Ireland or abroad.  

The following KINESIOLOGY DIPLOMA courses meet the full requirements for professional membership:

Kinesiology College of Ireland's diploma,
Harmony Holistics' diploma
Martinstown Holistic Centre's diploma
Joan Morton's diploma
Kinesiology Academy of Ireland's diploma 

Kinesiology Colleges and Schools may apply to the KAI for assessment of their Diploma in Kinesiology as meeting the full requirements for Professional Membership of the Kinesiology Association of Ireland. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details and an application form.

In general, Kinesiology courses/workshops/modules are 2 day courses, usually taught over a weekend, providing between 14 and 16 hours training credit.  Some include proficiency assessment within the module, others have a separate proficiency assessment.    

There are many "modalities" of Kinesiology worldwide, as well as many stand-alone courses.  A modality is a set of individual Kinesiology modules taught in sequence, which is "owned" by an individual or school.  It may have a primary focus, e.g. Enhanced Learning, Nutrition, Sports or Emotional issues or it may be focused around a particular therapeutic support e.g. Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, specific Flower Essences or Energy Healing. Some modalities combine a selection of areas of interest to develop a comprehensive body of education and training.

Click here for more information on modalities of Kinesiology generally available in Ireland.

As the KAI does not have the resources to evaluate the quality standards of all the many modalities of Kinesiology available, it has adopted the accredited course list of the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA). The AKA has a robust system of course evaluation and its approved list is recognised by the Australian Government.  

Click here for the AKA approved course list  


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