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Attuning to Full Potential 3 ONLINE
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Potential Training 10/16/2021 12: 10/17/2021 12: Online Dr Alweena Awan alweena1@aol.co.uk
This two-day course can be completed by those who have completed Attuning to Full Potential 1 and 2. WHAT IS COVERED IN THE COURSE? How to use the icons to age recess and get to the original point or age of stress How to easily and fluently use all the 24 icons to cause shifts and changes in yourself and others. How to integrate the use of this modality with other modalities you are using Completion of AFP 4 will give you all twenty-four icons as well as the six amplifiers and therefore one hundred and forty-four possibilities. You will be able to work on yourself or your client to clear sabotages, blockages, belief systems that no longer serve you, help you make new pathways and choices to become all that you or the client can be. You will have access to 24 icons and 6 amplifiers , giving you a possibility of 144 icons. AFP 1 and AFP 2 is a prerequisite. https://attuningtofullpotential.com/workshops/