The Official Representative Body for Professional Kinesiologists in Ireland


The Kinesiology Association of Ireland (KAI) is a national Kinesiology body in Ireland representing the professional interests of qualified Kinesiology practitioners, Kinesiology students and the personal interests of the public. The policy of the KAI is to support and encourage our members and to be the public face of Kinesiology in Ireland. The Kinesiology Association of Ireland was founded in 1986 by Professional Kinesiologists, to support one another and to promote Kinesiology.

"The KAI has established minimum educational requirements for Professional Membership, including both Kinesiology and other key subjects. The KAI evaluates courses and assigns credits, which can be accumulated to achieve professional status."


chairperson@kai.ie Committee Members

Michael Mulcahy


secretary@kai.ie Committee Members

Kathleen Green

Membership Secretary

membershipsecretary@kai.ie Committee Members

Marie Dunne


treasurer@kai.ie Committee Members

Paddy White


pro@kai.ie Committee Members

Una McAleer

  • Maintains a register of Professional Kinesiologists
  • Maintains a record of Kinesiology instructors who are currently registered for teaching their particular courses
  • Establishes standards in education and training
  • Encourages and monitors continuous professional development
  • Evaluates the suitability of newly developed courses
  • Runs an annual Kinesiology conference open to its members and the public

The KAI are members of FICTA, who have been working alongside the national working group on the recent discussions and upcoming proposed regulations of Complementary Therapy. We support and are very committed to working with all parties involved and contributing to these discussions on behalf of our members.

  • To educate the public about Kinesiology and to promote Kinesiology.
  • A Kinesiologist shall practice his/her profession with propriety, integrity and dignity.
  • A Kinesiologist shall encourage the student/client to take increasing responsibility for his/her own healing and learning.
  • A Kinesiologist is responsible for continuing his/her personal and professional development by undertaking further training and study, conferring with colleagues and acquiring knowledge of new theory and practice.
  • A Kinesiologist needs to monitor his/her competence and be aware of the necessity to consult with colleagues or to refer a student/client to a suitably experienced practitioner.
  • A Kinesiologist shall be prepared to support and assist other Kinesiologists.
  • A Kinesiologist shall keep accurate records of his/her work.
  • A Kinesiologist shall be prepared to assist in research and be willing to share results with colleagues.
  • To promote Kinesiology as a healing art and as an educational opportunity for the public for self development and enrichment.
  • To establish and maintain standards of training, qualification, practice and education for practitioners in Kinesiology for the benefit of both the public and practitioners.
  • To establish a forum for co-operation, communication, education, research and promotion of Kinesiology in Ireland.
  • To encourage research, development, investigation, training and education in Kinesiology.
  • To encourage the growth and expansion of the knowledge, skills and the standards of expertise in the field of Kinesiology.
  • To invite memberships by individuals, colleges and other bodies working within the field of Kinesiology.
  • To co-operate with other bodies having similar aims and objectives.
  • To establish a code of ethics applicable to all members and to establish disciplinary procedures.
  • To supervise and ensure that all members conform to the ethical standards laid down in this constitution.
  • To keep a Register of Kinesiologists who meet the standards set by the association.
  • To co-operate, communicate and work with relevant statutory bodies, educational establishments and health care professionals.
  • To seek inclusion in any statutory registration of health care professionals.
  • To seek the best possible rates and conditions for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability, or other Insurance cover.
  • To work to maintain the freedom to practice for members of the association.

The KAI is a National Kinesiology body representing the professional interests of qualified Kinesiology Practitioners, Kinesiology students and the personal interests of the public. The KAI is a professional body and as such, all members adhere to the rules, regulations and guidelines of the Association. It is committed to providing a level of professionalism associated to a health professional body. If you have a grievance or complaint as a member of the KAI or as a member of the general public, please contact our us at the following email address: info@kai.ie Your complaint will be passed on to our committee who will handle your grievance in the strictest confidence. We will make recommendations and attempt to resolve the matter.