The Official Representative Body for Professional Kinesiologists in Ireland

Education & Training

The Kinesiology Association of Ireland aspires to the highest international standards of education and training in Kinesiology. The KAI does not provide training itself, but has established a minimum level of education and training required to become a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner.
Students may build up their required hours either through completing a KAI certified Diploma in Kinesiology, or by building up the training requirements on a modular basis, in Ireland or abroad.

Educational Requirements for Professional Membership

250 hours Kinesiology training of which:

  • 180 hours minimum accredited Kinesiology training with proficiency/competence assessment, from KAI list and/or Australian Kinesiology Association list (category A or B). Must include 15 hours minimum on Nutritional Testing.
  • 70 hours additional Kinesiology training e.g. additional courses including category C, assessed case studies, supervised practice sessions

120 hours accredited core subjects with a minimum of:

  • Anatomy & Physiology - 30 hours
  • Nutrition - 30 hours
  • Interpersonal & Communication Skills - 12 Hours
  • Practice Management - 24 Hours

NOTE 1: The Recommended foundation course is the Touch for Health Synthesis with Proficiency Assessment. Alternatives will be considered on a case by case basis.
NOTE 2: The Australian list is available at https://www.aka.asn.au/page-1712619
NOTE 3: The IKC Personal Development School is available at: https://ikc.global/personal-development-school